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Laurel the Woodfairy

Doll Line

Stardust Classics





Just Pretend/Kid Galaxy/iDolls.com (see Overview and History page for more information)


Vernon Thornblad

Production Years




Body Type

All-vinyl, slim body


Older dolls have sleep eyes, later have fixed eyes that are inset acrylic with applied lashes


Wig, kanekalon

Identifying Marks

1997 Just Pretend, Inc. Made in China" on back of neck. Clothing is either tagged "Just Pretend" or "Kid Galaxy".

Retail Price



Full line of clothing, furniture, accessories in a fantasy theme 

Clothing Fit

Fits Magic Attic and Carpatina clothes perfectly 

Dolls in Series

Kat the Time Explorer

Laurel the Woodfairy

Alissa, Princess of Arcadia


Four books for each doll


Limited number still available from www.carpatina.com

For More Information

There is an wonderful group that collects Stardust Classics and other Just Pretend dolls at JustPretendDolls at YahooGroups.

The Stardust Classics dolls are 18.5" dolls "sculpted" by Vernon Thornblad, the former Art Director at Kid Galaxy, using 3D animation on the computer. (More recently, Mr. Thornblad was responsible for designing the Carpatina Dolls using the same methods.) The Stardust Classics dolls all have a fantasy theme and are Laurel the Woodfairy, Alissa, Princess of Arcadia and Kat the Time Explorer. They all share the same face mold but look distinctive because of varied face paint , eye colors and hairstyles. Each doll has a series of four books and accompanying outfits, accessories and furniture. The dolls cost $79.95 and came dressed in elaborate and detailed dresses. The additional costumes available for the dolls were truly spectacular and well done. Some of the harder-to-find outfits, such as Katís Plum Traveling Suit, now command very high prices on the secondary market. The accessories were imaginative but often  fragile.

There is a staining problem with the Alissa dolls whose dark-colored dress often has bled onto the vinyl. There is a product called Remove-Zit by Twin Pines of Maine, Inc., that many have used with success to get rid of the stains.

bulletOverview and History ~ This page has information about the Just Pretend/Kid Galaxy/iDolls.com company that produced the Stardust Classics line (along with Dream Doll Designer and Friend-to-Friend dolls).
bulletChecklist ~ Track your collection using this checklist. You may also download the checklist as an Excel spreadsheet: Stardust Classics Checklist. (If you want to print it, it will be easier and come out better from within Excel.)

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