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Like most ten-year-olds, Alissa is bright, curious and has a mind of her own. But she's also a princess -- which means accepting major responsibilities. Stardust Classics presents an Alissa who's ready for that challenge. Her face shines with intelligence, determination -- and beauty. With flowing dark brown hair, blue-gray eyes and rosy cheeks, Alissa looks every inch the princess. she stands 18 1/2" tall, ideal for playing and posing.

Alissa's dress is a deep burgundy brocade, suitable for any banquet. The rich detailing includes gold trim and a cranberry underskirt. A crystal choker, gold slippers and tights complete her outfit. Alissa comes with a copy of Alissa, Princess of Arcadia. Accessories sold separately.

#401050 Alissa & Hardcover $84.95

#401051 Alissa & Softcover $79.95

[Ed. Note: The Alissa doll came in two version, sleep-eye and fixed eye. The sleep-eye version is earlier (before 1998) and the sleep-eye doll's hair and clothing is of slightly better quality. Also note that this dolls' red dress is known to stain her vinyl. The product Remove-Zit from has been used with success to remove the stains but the dress shouldn't be left on Alissa for an extended period of time.]

Alissa's Extras

Add this special set of accessories to Alissa's dress when the occasion demands her most royal look. Her floor-length, blue velvet robe is trimmed in gold and has a collar of faux fur. Loops at the collar attach to the buttons on Alissa's burgundy dress. Or use our gold ribbon as a tie when Alissa wears the robe with other gowns.

The crowning touches are Alissa's golden tiara and scepter. Both are set with dozens of real rhinestones and sized just for her.

#401150 Alissa's Extras $25

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Alissa, Princess of Arcadia

Learning how to be queen has many rewards. But Princess Alissa still finds herself wishing for a little excitement. That wish is soon granted when a mysterious teacher appears and gives her a quest. The quest turns dangerous when Alissa's father, King Edmund, invites a castle full of guests to the signing of a peace treaty. But one of them is secretly planning to ruin everything. Can Alissa spot the traitor in time to save her kingdom?

#401052 Hardcover $12.95

#401053 Softcover $5.95

Alissa's Castle Adventure


Alissa and the Castle Ghost

Alissa isn't taking much joy in her history lessons. Her teacher only seems interested in treaties -- and lots and lots of dates. However, Alissa's studies soon lead to adventure when she finds an old portrait. That starts her on the trail of a fascinating figure from the past. Along the way she finds hidden passages, a long-lost message and a surprising helper. But as Alissa digs into the secrets of the past, she runs into more than one person who wants history to stay buried.

#401259 Hardcover $12.95

#401260 Softcover $5.95

Blue & Gold Brocade Dress

Cloaked in the colors of royalty, Alissa gracefully curtsies to her people. Her vivid blue gown is threaded with gleaming gold. The puffed sleeve caps trail off into sheer, sparkling gold ruffles. There's still more gold in the rich underskirt, bodice and trim. The matching peaked hat trails a stream of romantic ribbons.

#401251Blue/Gold Dress $28

Suit of Armor

No castle is complete without a suit of armor. The burnished golden armor in the great hall is the most impressive in all of Arcadia. The figure stands 21" tall, from the tip of the helmet crest to the sturdy base beneath the crossbow. Made of antiqued tin.

#401261 Suit of Armor $18

Refreshment Table

Like Alissa, this table is elegant, yet practical. Delicately scrolled legs and a mahogany-tone finish make it a handsome match for the throne. The shelf beneath gives Alissa room to store extra items.

#401209 Refreshment Table $18


Alissa enjoys playing host. Let her fill the goblet from her drink pitcher or hand you a piece of fruit from her bowl. The dishware comes in a pattern of blue and antique gold. Four fruit pieces included: apple, orange, lemon and pear.

#401257 Refreshments $12

Treasure Set

Alissa's treasure chest opens to reveal a dazzling collection of faux jewels. Two special treasures are stored on top: Alissa's secret key and a pearly necklace long enough for girls to wear. Nearby is the wizard's crystal ball. The gleaming globe sits atop a scrolled, gold-tone stand.

#401258 Treasure Set $18

Royal Throne

Seated on this gorgeous throne, Alissa looks and feels like a true princess. Glittering gold and white brocade covers the cushions. Brass-colored brads and knobs add rich decorative accents. Solid wood, finished with a warm mahogany stain.

#401204 Royal Throne $58

Throne Canopy

A glorious accent to the throne or a great display case for your doll. However you use it, this four-post canopy is stunning. Built of mahogany-finish wood, it comes with a burgundy and gold covering, two burgundy velvet curtains and tiebacks. Assembly required. Fabric canopy may vary.

#401254 Throne Canopy $58

Royal Throne & Canopy

Save $18 by buying the throne and canopy together!

#401253 Royal Throne & Canopy $98

Alissa's Forest Adventure


Alissa and the Dungeons of Grimrock

Alissa races to the rescue when she learns that Balin, her wizard friend and teacher, has been captured. Her journey leads her to the dark castle of Grimrock. She quickly learns that the master of Grimrock is an evil sorcerer -- and Balin's worst enemy. Getting into the castle proves easy enough. It's getting out that concerns Alissa. She must free Balin and escape -- before the sorcerer finds out exactly who she is.

#401356 Hardcover $12.95

#401357 Softcover $5.95

Forest Adventure Dress

Alissa is outfitted for adventure in a pretty riding dress. With her slate blue skirt sprinkled with roses, she wears a white peasant blouse and blue vest. When she's exploring mysterious forests, the princess prefers her soft stone-colored boots. And to ward off the night chill, Alissa wraps herself in a hooded cloak of purple.

#401350 Forest Adventure Dress $28

#401351 Forest Adventure Cloak $12

Magical Charms

Three is definitely the charm. Alissa's golden moon locket protects her from harm -- as does the gleaming dragon's tooth, cradled in its velvet-lined box.

#401340 Magical Charms $8


This engraved pewter-look set is fit for a feast. Includes dish, knife, fork, goblet and pitcher.

#401355 Dinnerware $12

Alissa's Bedroom


Alissa's Four-Poster Bed

In chilly weather, Alissa closes her bed curtains and curls up between her soft covers. But on a delightful evening like tonight, she pulls back the drapes to catch the breeze. Either way, her mahogany-tone canopy bed is pure elegance. The brocade bedding is a regal mix of gold and purple, while the curtains are velvety purple. Pillow, canopy, spread and curtain tiebacks are finished in gold trim. Comes with a silken mattress. Simple assembly required.

#401152 Alissa's Four-Poster Bed $98

Alissa's Nightgown

Even on mild nights, Alissa loves to sit by the fire in her room. In the light of the flames, the rich golds and reds of her nightgown seem to glow. The gold is carried over in the lace outlining the neck and puffed sleeves of the floor-length gown. Jewel-tone trim brilliantly highlights her open-sleeve robe. Includes gold slippers, braid belt and underwear.

#401153 Alissa's Nightgown $28

Wardrobe Trunk

For storing her robes and gowns, Alissa uses this convenient trunk. When closed, it makes a wonderful place to perch for a chat with her best friend, Lia. Deep mahogany-color finish and solid wood construction, with brass-tone keyhole and side handles.

#401114 Wardrobe Trunk $38

Alissa's Lute

Alissa likes to retreat to her bedroom to practice tunes she's learned from traveling minstrels. The handsome wooden lute she strums is carved with delicate designs and fitted with four strings.

#401120 Alissa's Lute $24

Boxed Book Set

A sturdy slipcover encases Alissa's first three adventures: Alissa, Princess of Arcadia; Alissa and the Castle Ghost and Alissa and the Dungeons of Grimrock. Softcover.

#401400 Alissa Boxed Book Set $16.95

Nightstand Accessories

Every night Alissa braids her hair by the light of her bedside candle. Then she turns to her water pitcher and basin for a quick washup. The attractive white and purple pattern complements her canopy bedding.

#401156 Nightstand Accessories $12


Bedtime snacks and candlesticks are within easy reach atop Alissa's high-backed nightstand. There's even a handy cupboard space to stow her favorite books. Features mahogany-tone wood with floral decoration.

#401115 Nightstand $18

Alissa's Tournament Adventure


Alissa's Tournament Troubles

Arcadia is hosting a tournament. That promises good fun -- until Alissa tries a spell to make a knight declare his love to Great-aunt Matilda. As usual, her magic backfires and suddenly every knight wants to fight for Matilda's honor. Alissa must scramble to undo her spell before heads -- and hearts -- are broken. In desperation, she teams up with the most unlikely of heroes.

#401456 Hardcover $12.95

#401457 Softcover $5.95

Tournament Dress

Alissa cheers on her favorite knight in this flowing blue dress with fur-trimmed overtunic. Silver trim adds just the right touch of royalty at neck, sleeves and hem. Her outfit includes silver slippers.

#401450 Tournament Dress $28

Tournament Accessories

Squire Alissa stands ready for her part in the tournament. She takes the field with her decorative trumpet, bold banner and painted shield.

#401455 Tournament Accessories $12

Crown Set

The Queen of the Tournament is sure to be honored when this lovely silver tiara is presented on the red pillow with tassel trim.

#401454 Crown Set $12

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