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In a quiet corner of the forest lives Laurel the Woodfairy. Like all her people, she loves beauty and nature. But unlike them, she has a rare curiosity that takes her down many unexplored paths. The Stardust Classics doll captures Laurel's high spirits and charm. Sparkling brown eyes. Strawberry blond ringlets. A dusting of freckles. And at 18 1/2" tall, she's just right for playing and posing. Laurel comes outfitted for a celebration in her gauzy green dress with flower embroidery and jeweled slippers. A copy of Laurel the Woodfairy is included. Accessories sold separately.

#402050 Laurel & Hardcover $84.95

#402051 Laurel & Softcover $79.95

Velcro strips make it easy to attach Laurel's  wings to her outfits. And just as easy to detach when she's ready for bed.



[Ed. Note: The Laurel doll came in two version, sleep-eye and fixed eye. The sleep-eye version is earlier (before 1998) and the sleep-eye doll's hair and clothing is of slightly better quality.]

Laurel's Extras

With this lovely set of accessories, Laurel is ready for her morning walk in the woods. Her purple and green cloak protects her against rain and chill. With pretty flounces at the bottom and more flounces and delicate crystals at the hood, it's beautiful as well as practical. Along the path, Laurel stops to add more flowers to the purple and white bouquet in her basket. She wears the roses she gathered yesterday in a headwreath, wrapped with ribbon streamers. Laurel shares her finds with the shy songbird, who likes to perch on her finger.

#402150 Laurel's Extras $25

First and second edition books, click for larger image

Laurel the Woodfairy

In Laurel's first adventure, she befriends the pixie Foxglove, the only outsider to visit the fairies in ages. But then Foxglove vanishes -- as does the Crystal, the fairies' most precious belonging. Laurel is determined to find both her friend and the Crystal. But fearsome creatures lurk in the forest. Laurel soon finds herself face-to-face with her most deadly enemy.

#402052 Hardcover $12.95

#402053 Softcover $5.95

Laurel's Forest Adventure


Laurel and the Lost Treasure

Rumors of hidden gold and jewels tempt Laurel and her friends on a quest into the Great Forest. Their hunt takes them to the mysterious Deeps, where the air talks! That turns out to be just one of the mysteries awaiting them. For the friends find another treasure hunter haunting the Deeps. He's less than eager to share his discoveries. Or the surprising story of his past.

#402256 Hardcover $12.95

#402257 Softcover $5.95

Gold Sparkle Dress

After a trip through the mountains, Laurel stops to wash up in a cool stream. A change of dress and she's refreshed for the evening. In the setting sun, the sparkles on her collar and peplum glow. Beneath her dress of moss green and sunshine gold, she wears a matching pair of golden leggings. A headwreath of yellow roses and ribbons caps the outfit.

#402251 Gold Sparkle Dress $28

Travel Set

On long trips, Laurel takes her most treasured possessions. Her chestnut-colored travel bag neatly slings over the shoulder. Inside she's tucked a handbound journal and twig pencil to record her adventures. And for entertainment, Laurel carries along the precious wooden flute she carved herself.

#4022258 Travel Set $12

Laurel's Friends

Chitters the chipmunk and Mistletoe the mouse like to accompany Laurel on her travels. Chitters keeps up a merry chatter, while watchful Mistletoe stays on the lookout. Our handpainted resin figurines capture the two in a quiet moment. Soft brown eyes, rich coloring and detailed etching on their coats make the pair an adorable addition to the forest scene.

#402151 Laurel's Friends $8

Snack Set

Laurel invites friends to take a seat, then sets out a fruit bowl and two teacups. The leaf-edge, lavender pattern matches her bedroom candle-stick and honey pot but looks at home in an outdoor setting. The guests share the sweet orange and grapes. Finally everyone enjoys a cool sip from Laurel's water gourd.

#402255 Snack Set $12

Side Table & Chair

This side table and chair are welcome sights to the weary traveler. Both pieces are made of solid, white-washed wood.

#402254 Side Table & Chair $38

Trellis & Decorations

Sunshine gently filters through the wooden, white-washed trellis. The sides are crisscrossed in lattice weave, while the top frame offers four hooks for hanging plants. Laurel chooses to wrap it all in a red rose vine, creating an inviting home for a colorful bird and two blue butterflies. Simple assembly required.

#402253 Trellis & Decorations $58


Laurel's Pixie Adventure


Laurel Rescues the Pixies

Feeling out-of-place, Laurel decides to leave the Dappled Woods and visit the village of her pixie friend Foxglove. She's hardly had time to unpack before danger strikes. A fire is tearing through the forest. And it's headed right for the village. The pixies are ready to flee until Laurel convinces them to stay and fight the fire. Yet as the flames draw closer, she wonders if she's made a terrible mistake.

#402356 Hardcover $12.95

#402357 Softcover $5.95

Pixie Adventure Outfit

Laurel's layered, handpainted dress reflects the cool blue-green of the pond by her treehouse. With a gently flounced skirt, shawl collar and trailing sash, the dress combines grace with elegance. Comes with blue slippers and tights.

#402350 Pixie Adventure Outfit $28

Rocker Set

Laurel settles into her sweet but surdy twig rocker to enjoy the summer night. Then she lights the twilight woods with her lantern and stirs the breeze with a fern fan.

#402355 Rocker Set $14

Laurel's Bedroom


Laurel's Nightgown

On sleepy mornings, Laurel loves lingering over breakfast in her charming nightgown. A pretty floral pattern runs through the white, floor-length gown. The robe mixes satiny and sheer aquas and is trimmed with pearl beads and pink lace. A hair ribbon and slippers with pink roses add the perfect final touches.

#402152 Laurel's Nightgown $28

Bedroom Accents

Laurel is learning the fairy tradition of weaving. She put those skills to fine practice with her exquisite dressing screen and floor basket. Sheer ribbon in a rainbow of flowers decorates Laurel's paneled screen. The honey-tone basket comes with an arrangement of daisies, forget-me-nots and baby's breath.

#402156 Bedroom Accents $24


The ideal display spot for Laurel's keepsakes and treasures. The wooden cupboard is finished in a creamy off-white wash and stamped with her special flower. The four shelves give her plenty of room to store forest finds. And Laurel can check her hair and headwreaths in the top-shelf oval mirror.

#402117 Cupboard $38

Cupboard Curios

This curio collection has everything Laurel needs for another busy day. there are handy items -- a terra cotta watering can and twig broom -- for chores. Reminders of her woodland adventures are here as well: two flower-pots, pretty pinecones, a colorful squash. Laurel even brings back honey to store in her lavender and green-leaf pot. The matching candlestick serves her at night when she's ready to record the day's events in her journal.

#402155 Curboard Curios $12

Boxed Book Set

Our sturdy slipcover set includes Laurel's first three books: Laurel the Woodfairy, Laurel and the Lost Treasure and Laurel Rescues the Pixies. Softcover.

#402400 Laurel Boxed Book Set $16.95

Laurel's Canopy Bed

Tucked away in her bed, Laurel dreams of soothing water and skies. The arched canopy is topped with a gauzy curtain, the color of twilight clouds. Her bedspread is a mix of sea blues, greens and purples. A mattress, ruffled pillow and four rosebuds tiebacks are included. Simple assembly required.

#402153 Laurel's Canopy Bed $88

Laurel's Fairy Celebration


Laurel and the Sprite's Mischief

Magical dandelions are in bloom -- a sign that new fairies will be born. Yet even as the fairies prepare to celebrate, the dandelions disappear. Laurel goes after the mischief-makers who are responsible. Her quest takes her to the most evil place in the forest -- and with companions she doesn't fully trust.

#402456 Hardcover $12.95

#402457 Softcover $5.95

Celebration Gown

Laurel's celebration dress glows in the greens and golds of summer. The rich brocade gown is accented with a peplum of petals. Comes with lace-up brown suede sandals.

#402450 Celebration Gown $28

Celebration Accessories

At the celebration, Laurel stands by the lovely flower-wrapped pole, ready to hand out a pretty headwreath.

#402455 Celebration Accessories $16

Garden Tools

Laurel keeps her garden blooming with this bark-wrapped watering can and rustic wooden hoe, rake and spade.

#402454 Garden Tools $8

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