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Doll Line

Friend to Friend





Just Pretend/Kid Galaxy/iDolls.com (see Overview and History page for more information)


Vernon Thornblad and Jill Nemirow-Nelson

Production Years




Body Type

All vinyl, strung


Fixed, inset acrylic, applied lashes



Identifying Marks

"© 1997 Just Pretend, Inc. Made in China" on back of neck. Clothing is either tagged "Just Pretend" or "Kid Galaxy".

Retail Price



One extra outfit, two sets of accessories per doll

Clothing Fit

Same as Magic Attic 

Dolls in Series

Jada the naturalist

Kiri the art student

Maggie the horse rancher

Tasha the ballerina


12 letters sent every few weeks to doll's owner


Secondary market 

For More Information

The JustPretendDolls group at YahooGroups is a good place to ask questions about these dolls.

The four Friend to Friend dolls were contemporary girl dolls from Just Pretend. They were Jada, the naturalist, Kiri, the artist, Maggie, the horse rancher and Tasha, the ballet student. These dolls each had a lovely starter outfit, an extra "play" outfit and several accessory sets appropriate to her hobby. For example, Kiri comes dressed in a beautiful silk outfit with beret and you could buy her a painting outfit along with an easel, real paints, a cute little zippered portfolio, and so on. A unique feature of these dolls was the pen pal program; they came with a letter to your child from the dollís character and once you registered your doll purchase with the company, your child would receive additional letters every few weeks for a total of 12 letters. This was a nice twist on the storybook idea and very appealing to kids who love getting letters in the mail. The  F2F dolls were also $84.95, like the DDD dolls.

bulletOverview and History ~ This page has information about the Just Pretend/Kid Galaxy/iDolls.com company that produced the Friend to Friend line (along with Stardust Classics and Dream Doll Designer dolls).

Checklist ~ Track your collection using this checklist. You may also download the checklist as an Excel spreadsheet: Friend to Friend Checklist. (If you want to print it, it will be easier and come out better from within Excel.)

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Jada Kiri Maggie Tasha


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