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Jada Doll and Letters

Jada ventures into the wilderness with a mix of curiosity and awe. Our Friend to Friend doll captures her eagerness -- and beauty. With warm brown eyes and long, crimped hair, she's the picture of natural grace.

Jada comes dressed in a bright tropical print sundress. Her sandals, purse, hat and sunglasses make the ideal travel accessories.

Jada is 18 1/2" tall and posable. She comes with a letter to you. Then every two weeks, you'll receive another of her letters about her wilderness adventures -- 12 letters in all.

#409050 Jada Doll and Letters $84.95

Wilderness Accessories I

Every necessity for a day of watching wildlife. The khaki backpack has three zippered sections. Inside are tucked a pair of binoculars -- along with a banana and half-sandwhich for lunch.

#409251 Wilderness Accessories $8

Wilderness Accessories 2

A walk in the woods quickly becomes an adventure for Jada. To capture the day, she packs a notebook, pencil and camera. And to help her return to camp safely, she carries a sturdy walking stick and working compass.

#409351 Wilderness Accessories 2 $8

Safari Outfit

Jada's set to hit the trail in this cute, comfy hiking outfit. Her khaki shorts match the vest, which reverses to a natural print. Her tan hiking boots and wide-brimmed straw hat are practical but stylish. A white T-shirt and anklets complete the set. Accessories sold separately.

#409250 Safari Outfit $18

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