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Kiri Doll and Letters

With her shiny fall of black hair and dark-as-night eyes, Kiri captures the intensity of an artist. And her gorgeous outfit reflects her artistic flair. The jacket, vest and tunic are actually one clever piece. A breezy skirt of blue, hot pink shoes and fushsia beret add colorful accents.

Kiri is 18 1/2" tall and posable. She comes with a letter to you, her pen pal. You'll receive 12 letters in all (one every two weeks) about her adventures in art.

#408050 Kiri Doll and Letters $84.95

Painting Set

A picture-perfect set for doll-size painting. Kiri's paintbox holds a brush and real paint. In her brigghtly trimmed apron, she doesn't need to worry about stray brush strokes. And she can use the adjustable easel to finish then display her latest work.

#408150 Painting Set $18

Painter's Outfit

Kiri's ready for art class in her casual best. Her polished cotton overalls are splashed with pastel swirls. Purple clogs and a pale pink T-shirt complete the palette. Accessories sold separately.

#408250 Painter's Overalls $18

Studio Set

A smart art set. Kiri's portfolio looks like the real thing with two handles and zip opening. Inside she can store her sketch pad and pencil. Also includes her fern pot and a 5" x 7" frame for a mini work of art.

#408251 Studio Set $18

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