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Maggie Doll and Letters

Playfun, outgoing, athletic. Our Friend to Friend doll shows off Maggie's high spirits. With her golden blond hair, bright blue eyes and dash of freckles, she looks like she's come fresh from a morning ride.

Maggie is outfitted in Western style, with a blanket print vest and buttery suedecloth skirt. A ruffled blouse and knee-high boots add dressy touches.

Kiri is 18 1/2" tall and posable. She comes with a letter to you, her new pen pal. You'll receive another letter every other week -- 12 letters in all -- filled with horse news.

#407050 Maggie Doll and Letters $84.95

Maggie's Accessories

Maggie settles down by the campfire after a day on the trail. Her tan saddlebag sits at her feet as she perches on the wood stool to strum her guitar. When the sing-along is over, the guitar slips neatly into its leather-look case.

#407150 Maggie's Accessories $18

Trail Food Kit

Time for a trail-side cookout. Maggie's set includes a canteen with shoulder strap, plus plate, cup fork and spoon.

#407251 Trail Food Kit $8

Western Riding Outfit

On long trail rides, Maggie wears this cute denim set. Her dark blue jeans match the denim jacket trimmed with suede and braid. The Southwestern blouse adds a brilliant burst of color. Comes with riding boots and classic cowboy hat. Accessories sold separately.

#407250 Western Riding Outfit $24

Stable Set

Barn chores are a breeze with this handy set. Includes wooden bucket, tack brush, sturdy tack box and bale of hay. There's even a blue ribbon to decorate Sinbad's stall door.

#407351 Stable Set $8

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