The Queen of Carpathia

Act 2~ The Dancing Princesses


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Isabella looked up from the paper and was surprised to see that Aunt Cordelia's garden had vanished. They were standing in a beautiful wood made up of tall, tall pines and slender birches.

"Where are we?", she exclaimed. Even the weather had changed; the once-sunny sky was now clouded over and it was noticeably cooler.

"And what are we wearing?", asked Julia in a shocked voice. "When I said I wanted to change out of that other dress, this isn't what I had in mind!"

Isabella looked down at her own dress and saw that it had changed to a spectacular blue gown, criss-crossed with ribbons and studded with jems and pearls. She reached up and felt a tiara on her head. "Oooo, I wish I had a mirror!", she sighed.

Emma was swishing around in her pale green gown, enjoying the sweep of the small train. "I may be dreaming, but this is an awfully fun dream!", she said. "Isabella, you look just like a princess! And Julia, you look..." Emma stopped when she saw the scowl on Julia's face, then she had to laugh. Isabella and Emma's gowns seemed to fit their personalities to a "T", but Julia was just not the princess gown type! She was reaching up, touching the enormous crown on her head and muttering. The long sleeves of the gown were getting in her way and the over-sized crown was tipping precariously.

"Whoever is responsible for this magic has a funny sense of humor!", Julia complained.

Isabella was laughing, too. "It must be these moonstone necklaces from Aunt Cordelia!" She thought for a minute and realized there was more to it than that. "I think reading the poem with the necklaces on must have triggered something magical." The other girls nodded in agreement. Isabella was surprised that none of them seemed scared. Something about the quiet wood and the special dress made her feel excited rather than nervous. On the ground she noticed their three silver baskets still filled with Easter treats and the familiar sight of them made her feel even more like there was no need to worry.

Julia interrupted her thoughts. "Is that music I hear?", she said.


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