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Savannah in original starter outfit

Victoria, Olivia, Amy and Savannah in the new starter outfits








Doll Line

Savannah and Friends


Storybook Heirlooms


not acknowledged

Production Years

1995 - 1998



Body Type

Soft body, articulated


Sleep eyes


Wig, Good quality synthetic

Identifying Marks

Storybook Heirlooms logo on neck, body tag

Retail Price



Many outfits/accessories

Clothing Fit

Fits AG-size clothing well except her neck is thicker, which causes a problem with some styles.

Books "Chantelle and the School Play", by Judith Marie Austin. Paperdolls. Savannah appears as the best friend but this book wasn't sold as part of Savannah's collection.
Sources Storybook Heirlooms catalog only, now secondary market
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Savannah and her friend Lily Bear Notes Savannah replaced Chantelle in the Storybook Heirlooms catalog after only a year. With her more natural look (compared to Chantelle), Savannah proved to be more popular and eventually was joined by three friends: Victoria, Olivia and Amy. All of the dolls have the same face mold but have different hair and eye colors and skin tones. The dolls had a full wardrobe of mostly fancy and some casual clothes, as you'd expect from Storybook Heirlooms, a maker of girls' special occasion dresses and sporty clothes.  Savannah has a bear friend, Lily Bear, who also has many costumes that match Savannah's. Wicker bedroom furniture and other accessories were sold for Savannah and her friends.

Chantelle, Savannah and American Girl body comparisons


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