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Doll Line



Storybook Heirlooms


not acknowledged

Production Years



H17, W10, A5, L6, N5 1/2, W91/2, F2 1/4

Body Type

Soft body w/ breastplate, articulated


Fixed, inset acrylic, applied lashes


Wig, Good quality synthetic, blonde curly

Identifying Marks

Storybook Heirlooms logo on neck, body tag

Retail Price



8 outfits, accessories

Clothing Fit

Smaller than AG but most clothing fits fine

Books "Chantelle and the School Play", by Judith Marie Austin. Paperdolls.
Sources Storybook Heirlooms catalog only, now secondary market
For More Information Chantelle's Catalog Pages
Dolls in Series Only Chantelle

Storybook Heirlooms is known for their "over-the-top" fancy, girls special occasion clothing. The company no longer makes dolls but they are still in business. Their sojourn into doll making was fairly brief and Chantelle was the first. She was replaced after a year by Savannah, who is her best friend in her books.

Chantelle was supposed to look like one of the beautiful catalog models, Chantelle Paige, who is now a singer/songwriter. This is a picture of Chantelle when she was around eight when the doll was sculpted. Obviously, the sculptor didn't succeed in making the vinyl Chantelle as pretty as the real Chantelle.

There were matching girl/doll dresses for Chantelle, accessories like underthings, shoes and socks, a book and paperdolls. You can see the whole line in the Chantelle Catalog Pages.

The doll is shorter and smaller than American Girl dolls in many ways but the cloth torso is of a similar size so most American Girl clothing fits fine (and Chantelle's clothing will fit American Girls).

Chantelle, Savannah and American Girl

Chantelle and Magic Attic Megan

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