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Black Penney, Nancy, Jamie, White Penney and Carly: Click for a larger view


Nancy in her box

Doll Line

Penney and Friends



Robert Tonner Doll Company for JC Penney


Robert Tonner

Production Years




Body Type

Slim, all-vinyl, strung arms/head, flange jointed legs


Fixed, inset acrylic, painted lashes


Kanekalon wig

Identifying Markings

"Penny, ©2000 Robert Tonner Doll Co." on neck, "Penny" in small letters on top of limbs

Retail Price



Furniture, but no extra clothing 

Clothing Fit

Some Magic Attic clothing fits but Penney has a bigger waist. 18" Ann Estelle clothes fit perfectly (same body mold).

Dolls in Series

Penney, Black Penney, Jamie, Nancy, Carly




2000 JC Penney holiday catalog only

For More Information

These dolls are often discussed on the MagicAtticDolls and Anniefan message groups at YahooGroups.

The Penney and Friends dolls were only made for the Holiday 2000 JC Penney catalog and were JC Penney exclusives. They were sculpted by Robert Tonner and produced by Robert Tonner Doll Company for JC Penney. (For more about Robert Tonner’s background and history of his doll company, see the  “About Tonner” section of his corporate website.)

These dolls are exceptionally good quality and make good friends for the Magic Attic Club dolls (which Tonner also sculpted). The major differences are that Penney has a slightly larger waist, Penney is 1" taller, Penney has a bellybutton and collarbones and she has flange-jointed legs which mean her legs have a more limited range of motion than MAC. You can see many of these differences in the pictures below which show Penney on the left and Magic Attic Megan on the right.

The "Penny" body has been re-used for several other play dolls since being sculpted for the Penney and Friends. These include Tonner's 18" Ann Estelle in 2001, 18" Collectibles (Betsy McCall face mold) in 2002 and Linda Rick's 18" Lovee by Doll Maker dolls in 2004. The picture below shows an example of each of these dolls.

Linda Rick's Lovee Haley, Tonner's Alice, Penney's friend Carly and Tonner's 18" Ann Estelle (Boating Party)

Click either of the thumbnails below to see the catalog pages for these dolls from the 2000 JC Penney catalog.

Penney and Carly

Nancy and Jamie


Copyright © 2005 Maria Greene All Rights Reserved

Special thanks to Gigi for the group picture and LindaK for the catalog scans!

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