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The 2003 Megan, Heather Keisha, Rosa and Alison from Marian, LLC.

Body comparison of American Girl (left) and Magic Attic  (right)

Doll Line

The Magic Attic Club


Charisma Brands (bought from Marian LLC, which bought from L.L. Knickerbocker, which bought from Georgetown Collection). See the Overview and History page for details.


Robert Tonner

Production Years

1994 - 2004. MAC dolls are no longer in production.



Body Type

All vinyl, semi-strung


Fixed, inset acrylic, painted lashes 


Kanekalon wig (1994-1991), rooted saran (2003), wigged saran (2004)

Identifying Marks

Sometimes small number on neck 

Retail Price

$59 - $74


Full line 

Clothing Fit

Slimmer than AG, few clothes work for both 

Dolls in Series

Alison, Megan, Heather, Keisha, Rose/Rosa, Chloe


Thirty-four different adventure books


Some of the many on-line shops carrying Magic Attic:

The Doll Market (bought out remaining stock)

The Doll Store and More

We Love Dolls

Garden of Imagination

For More Information

The Magic Attic Club no longer has an official website. There is an active YahooGroup for Magic Attic Club collectors called MagicAtticDolls.

Overview and History ~ This page has a detailed timeline of the complicated history of the doll line and the companies that have owned it since 1994.

Face Molds ~ This page shows the five different face molds and other variations (such as hair style) over the years.

Doll Hospital ~ This page has detailed information about the Magic Attic Club doll hospital.

Bios ~ These are descriptions of the dolls' characters from the books.

Checklist ~ Track your collection using this checklist. You may also download the checklist as an Excel spreadsheet: Magic Attic Checklist. (If you want to print it, it will be easier and come out better from within Excel.)

 Click on an image below to browse the complete Magic Attic Club line.



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