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P3502 Rebecca's Pansy Bouquet Outfit $12.95
  Three-Panel Dress $8.95
P0900 large pansy  
P0901 pink  
P0902 light blue  
  Dressy Mary Janes $4.95
P1600 navy  
P1601 burgundy  
P3501 Emma's Baby Blue Outfit $22.95
  Jeans $8.95
P0100 denim  
P0101 mauve corduroy  
Turtleneck $5.95
P0800 pansy  
P0801 mauve  
P0802 light blue  
Saddle Shoes $4.95
P1609 white/blue  
P1610 white/pink  
  Sash/Headband $1.95
P1100 pansy  
P1104 blue  
P1107 pink  
  Ankle Socks $2.95
P1800 white  
P1801 pink  
P1802 light blue  
P3503 Sarah's Flower Fun Outfit $14.95
T-Shirt $4.95
P0700 blue/white dot  
P0701 blue/white stripe  
P0702 pansy print  
P0703 pink  
P0704 white  
Cuffed Shorts $5.95
P1300 denim/pansy cuffs  
P1301 blue & white dot/stripe cuffs  
P1302 pink  
Sandals $4.95
P1603 white  
P1604 light blue  
P3509 Kim's Party Jeans Outfit $26.95
Short-Sleeve Blouse $5.95
P0603 large pansy  
P0604 white  
P0605 pink  
Blazer $6.95
P1200 large pansy  
P1201 light blue  
P1202 pink  
Casual Mary Janes $4.95
P1605 pink  
P1606 light blue  
P3507 Rebecca's Russian Style Outfit $35.95
Dressy Coat & Hat  
P2000 dark mauve velvet/white fur trim  
Knee Socks $2.95
P1803 white  
P1804 light blue  
P1805 pink  
Dress Boots $6.95
P1607 white  
P1608 burgundy  
  Sweater with Buttons $12.95
P1902 mauve boucle  
  Scrunchie $1.95
P2300 blue  
P2301 pink  
P2302 pansy  
  Running Shoes $4.95
P1611 white/pink  
P1612 white/light blue  

P3508 Angie's Neat Street Outfit $20.95
  Vest $4.95
P0400 mauve corduroy  
P0401 blue/white dot  
P0402 blue/white stripe  
P0403 pansy print  
P0404 pink  
  Casual Pants $6.95
P1000 white  
P1001 light blue  
P1002 pink  
P3505 Cassie's Short & Sweet Outfit $22.95
  Short Skirt $4.95
P0200 pansy  
P0201 large pansy  
P0202 light blue  
P0203 pink  
  Tights $3.95
P1700 white  
P1701 pink  
P1702 light blue  
P3506 Libby's On the Fringe Outfit $30.95
  Long-Sleeve Blouse $5.95
P0600 large pansy  
P0601 white  
P0602 pink  
  Long Skirt $6.95
P0500 large pansy  
P0501 blue  
P0502 pink  
  Sweater Jacket $12.95
P1900 blue  
P1901 mauve  
P3500 Allison's Sweet Dreams Outfit $12.95
  Long Nightgown $8.95
P2100 pink  
  Slippers $4.95
P2200 pink terry  
  Long-Sleeve Dress $9.95
P1500 pansy  
P1501 mauve  
P3504 Sydney's Storybook Outfit $26.95
  Short-Sleeve Dress $8.95
P1400 pansy  
P1401 blue/white dot  
P1402 pink  
  Pinafore $8.95
P0300 blue/white dot  
P0301 blue/white stripe  
P0302 pansy  
P0303 white  
P0304 pink  

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