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Success Girl in her display box

Close-Up (click for larger)


Doll Line

True to Life Success Girls


Tim Wilson Family of Fine Dolls

Kacha International, Inc.


Donna RuBert

Production Years

2003 - 2004 No longer in production



Body Type

Soft body, articulated arms and legs (flange joints)


Inset acrylic (fixed)


Medium quality wig

Identifying Markings

Body tag, "Tim Wilson Family" in script on back of neck

Retail Price



None additional

Clothing Fit

Close to American Girl but wider hips, slightly longer arms and legs

Dolls in Series

Caitlin, Brooke, Chloe, Gabrielle, Annette, Abigail, Madison, Sasha, Victoria, Emma (click here for picture of all 10)




Tuesday Morning was closing these out and had them for a deep discount. 

For More Information

None known


Success Girl vs. AG Body Type (Note the strange arm sculpt)


(Special thanks to Taffy Cheerful for these pictures.)

I had one of these dolls in my hands at Tuesday Morning and I looked at her face for a while and then put her down. I couldn't warm up to that pout enough to shell out even the measly $19.99 they wanted for her. If you like baby faces you may find her very cute though.

Later I regretted not getting her to be a "body donor" for a kit doll I have that needs a better body than the one that came with the kit. Recently, though, Taffy Cheerful sent me these pictures of Annette and I decided I made the correct decision. Her limbs, especially her arms, are oddly shaped.

The Success Girls all come with a prize ribbon declaring them the winner of some award (Annette's is for School Spirit). According to their hang tag, this is "to promote positive role models for young girls".

The quality of the dolls' vinyl, hair and clothing is good but not great. If she appeals to you, she might be worth a bargain price.

Copyright 2005 Maria Greene All Rights Reserved

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