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Old series Faye catalog picture

A new-series Friendship Kid owned by Taffy Cheerful. These are the original clothes.

Doll Line

The Friendship Kids


Kingstate, The Dollcrafter


Not acknowledged

Production Years

Old series 1998-2002/New series 2005 - present



Body Type

Soft body, articulated 


Fixed, inset acrylic, real lashes


Wig, fairly high quality

Identifying Markings

K.S. in black ink on back of neck, bodytag.

Retail Price

$45 (recently closed out at Ross stores for $16)


Outfits sold separately (~$17.95) 

Clothing Fit

Very close to American Girl 

Dolls in Series

Old Series: Millicent, Faye, Karla, others. Boys too!




See retailers list at manufacurer's website.

For More Information

None known.

Old series Millicent in box

New series doll (another of Taffy's) in box


Friendship Kids/American Girl Body Comparison, courtesy of Taffy Cheerful

The original series of The Friendship Kids from Kingstate, The Dollcrafter, was released in 1998. At that time they looked very much like the company's porcelain dolls in vinyl color, hair style and dress. In 2005, the series was released again with a much more contemporary look. This is one of the few doll series with boys!

The dolls are very close to American Girl in size, though they are very slightly thinner, and their shoe size is approximately the same. The two types of dolls can share clothing very well.

The quality of the vinyl, cloth body and wig is quite good though not near AG standards. The clothing is also nicely made and has good detail like embroidery. Unfortunately, the cloth body is white which means they do not look very good in styles that expose their torso. Their heads are attached with a nylon zip tie instead of a string.

My biggest personal complaint about these dolls is their unnatural appearing eyes. They are much too big and too close together. The problem is particularly glaring when the doll is displayed with other 18" dolls. They are also pigeon toed (meaning it's hard to make them stand without their feet pointing inward). If you can pick one up for a discount, however, they are worth the price for the clothing alone.

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