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Ashleigh and Hayley


Doll Line

Heirloom Dolls


Duck House


Not acknowledged

Production Years




Body Type

All vinyl, slim body, flange jointed.


Inset acrylic, fixed. Applied lashes.



Identifying Markings

Label on back, numbered (of 5000). COA in box, hangtag.

Retail Price



None additional

Clothing Fit

Fits Magic Attic/Just Pretend clothing

Dolls in Series

Alexis, Ashleigh (retired), Haley (retired), Eloise, Habika and Giselle




Various retailers (try Google)

For More Information

None known.

I recently received Alexis (from eBay) and I have had a chance to look her over. Duck House is known primarily for their affordable porcelain dolls, but this all-vinyl doll seems to be aimed squarely at the American Girl/Magic Attic doll market.  Starting from the top, Alexis' hair is cute but too much of it comes out with a gentle brushing. There are also short frizzy tufts at the top, which seems to be a problem with all the dolls, not just Alexis. This is one of the worst-quality wigs I have seen on a doll. Alexis' eyes are a bit over-sized but they are a pretty deep blue color. I'm not a big fan of applied lashes on play dolls (too easily damaged) but they are attractive. I think the face mold on these dolls is really cute and the face paint is nicely done.

The doll's vinyl is light weight and the limbs are attached using flange joints, so they are minimally poseable. There is some accent painting on the hands and feet too, including subtle pink fingernail and toenail polish! I would say these dolls are most comparable in quality to the Euro Girls dolls from The Doll Factory, but not nearly as good quality as Magic Attic, Carpatina or Just Pretend. That is to be expected since they are half the price.

The clothes are super-trendy, obviously designed to appeal to young girls. The quality is so-so. The shoes are particularly flimsy and the cheap, thin vinyl is already separating from the base. My daughter loved the sparkly flowers that are glue-gunned to the shorts, shoes and crocheted purse; the purse was actually her favorite part of the doll's ensemble. The sunglasses were also a hit but they are flimsy and pull out her hair so they will be discarded. Alexis appears to be shorter than the Magic Attic doll (bottom two pictures) but this is primarily because of the way her head is attached lower on her neck. Magic Attic, Just Pretend and Euro Girls clothes fit this doll perfectly.

Alexis' clothes are tagged and there is a sticker on the back identifying her as Duck House Heirloom Doll and indicating that she is number 2000 out of an edition of 5000. The doll's box is a nice, standard cardboard collector doll box, the doll is tied in and removed easily.

All in all, this would be a decent child's play doll for the price if the hair was not such a problem. If she was re-wigged, she would be even better. Given the bargains to be found on the older Magic Attic dolls, however, one of those would easily be a better value. I prefer this doll's face to the Euro Girls but I would dress her from the Euro Girls or retired Magic Attic wardrobes which are both remarkably good quality for the price. Alexis fits in well with our many 18" slim, vinyl dolls but she doesn't stand out.

Alexis and Magic Attic Megan

MaryL's Hayley MaryL's Ashleigh

Copyright 2004 Maria Greene All Rights Reserved

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