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A Magic Attic Club book report by Betsy (8 years old)

Title: Princess Megan  

Author: Trisha Magraw      

Illustrated by Janice Leotti and Rich Grote

Type of book: fantasy

Time: Middle Ages 

Place: A castle     

Characters: Megan, Michelle, the king, & the unicorn

Since this was the first Magic Attic Club book I read,

how Megan gets into the other world was the most

interesting to me. She and her friends (Keisha,

Heather, & Alison) have a grown-up friend named Ellie

who has a magic attic Ellie lets them play in. Megan

goes up to the attic, puts on a princess dress, stands

in front of a mirror and goes to a place she's never

seen before.

In this story, Megan meets a girl named Michelle.

Michelle tells Megan that each year her people give

the king two presents. One is something they make and

the other is the horn of a unicorn. But they have to

kill the unicorn to get its horn. Megan tries to save

the unicorn in many ways.

The theme of this book is that you shouldn't hurt

animals and if you know an animal is getting extinct,

you shouldn't hunt it. You should try to help it in

some way, like Megan did with the unicorn.

The only thing I didn't like about this book was that

they were going to kill the unicorn, but other than

that, I loved it! I would recommend this book to

anyone that likes fantasy, saving or helping animals,

or unicorns because that's what this book is all