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The winter holidays are so much fun! Even the dolls enjoy them. What are your dolls up to this winter? Submit your pictures of your dolls celebrating or enjoying some winter activities.

Little Katrina Meets the Abominable Snow Dog

LynnC's dolls invite you to celebrate Valentine's Day with them!

Adventure on the Mountain!

Click here to see the whole chilling story.


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Happy Chinese New Year 2006

It's the Year of the Dog.

Elaine ~ Christmas Tree Decorating

"I recently put up the Christmas Tree for the dolls and they couldn't wait to decorate it. [Here are] two photos, just for fun, taken by my hubby."

Elaine ~ More Christmas Tree Decorating

Photo #2 of Elaine's girls decorating the tree.

Sharon ~ Christmas Tree Decorating

"My kids talked me into making a M&M's tree this year. It turned out cute, with the M&M's guys having a train to go under and arount it. What fun."

Sharon ~ Closer Look at M&M's

"Here is a better, closer photo of the dolly ornaments, almost all are M&M's with the M&M's lights, too."

BevB ~ Doll's Christmas

"Here is a Christmas scene from last year of my My Twinn dolls around our tree."

BevB ~ Another picture of the doll's Christmas

Bev ~ Christmas Carollers

These three, Judith Zwergnase, Carol Good-Kruger and Willi Himstedt, struck up some Christmas carols.

LindaK ~ Doll's Christmas

"Here's one I took in 99... I love this one."

LindaK ~ Keisha Pointsettia

"Here's another of Keisha next to a pointsettia..."

LindaK ~ MTs

"In 2000 the My Twinns really enjoyed their Christmas morning..."

MariaG ~ Merry Christmas From Maria's Patsys

My Patsy dolls are ready for the season. The tallest is Patsy Ann (18"), then Patsy Joan (16") in the scotty outfit, Patsy (14") with the mittens, Patsyette (9") in the sleigh and Wee Patsyette (5") sitting on the ground.

Elaine ~ Julianna and Santa

Carpatina's Julia in Elissa's nightgown having a chat with Santa.

Joni ~ Christmas Pageant


Angel ... Beth (Ott)

Mary .... Nicole (CM)

Joseph . Daniel (Ott)

Jesus ... Lil Baby doll

Wiseman. Jack (Asian)

Wiseman 2 .. Joey (JP)

Wiseman 3 .. Miguel (JP)

Shepard ...... Mikey (FP)

Sheep and Donkey Play themselves .. <G>"

Carmela ~ The Girls Want to Wish Everyone a Wonderful and Happy Holiday Season

"They just put their tree up and wanted to send special wishes to all of their friends, big and small."

PamieG ~ Merry Christmas

"Dear Dolly Friends...wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

Tracy ~ Photo of MAC Heather Elizabeth

"Waiting for snow!"

Lauren and Emily ~ Two Coconuts

Santa Coconut and Reindeer Coconut wish you a Merry Christmas.

Maria ~ Rockin' Around the Xmas Tree

Some of my dolls are having a Christmas party.

Maria ~ Party Treats

The doll on the left is an Apple Valley kit "English" head with a Denise wig from Monique and a Girls On the Go (from Toys 'R Us) body. She is wearing a Little Sisters Blue Sparkle outfit. On the right is Tess, a Gotz Little Sisters doll in a dress from Small Small World. A My Twinn Poseable Pet husky is begging for treats.

Maria ~ Xmas Tree

That is Gotz Maddison on the left in the Little Sisters Sunday Best outfit. On the right is AG Addy in a reproduction of her Christmas dress made by American Doll Clothes. On the right is Tonner's Ann Estelle looking cute in the Magic Attic Club Perfect Plaid outfit.

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