A June Wedding to Remember

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It's Wedding Day!

After a whirlwind romance, Ben and Ann are getting married. "It was love at first sight", says Ann. "When you meet the right person, you just know", says Ben. Over their parents' objection about their age, the two are marrying today. Jessica and Alison help Ann prepare.

Alison Brushes Ann's Hair Just Right

Alison, the Maid of Honor, is Ann's younger sister. She's happy that Ann is marrying -- now she won't have to share a room!

Jessica Has the Veil All Ready

Jessica has been Ann's friend since kindergarten. She's also happy for Ann but secretly she's a little jealous.

Ann Takes a Last Look in the Mirror

Ann loves the way the dress and veil look. "I can't believe I found such a beautiful dress on eBay!" she thinks. "Do I have to wear these dumb glasses?" she says to Jessica. "You do if you want to see who you're marrying," Jessica replies.

All Set!

"I guess we're ready to go," Ann tells the girls. "Why am I so nervous all of a sudden?" "What do you mean?" blurts Alison, "You've been a basket case all week!"

The Groom Waits

Ben thinks Ann looks stunning in her gown. She wouldn't let him see it before and he hasn't seen Ann yet this day. "It's bad luck to see your bride before she walks down the aisle," explained his mother.

The Precessional

Alison takes her place by the trellis and watches Jessica and Ann approach to the strains of "The Wedding March".

Here Comes the Bride

Ann stops being nervous as soon as she sees Ben waiting for her. "He looks so handsome in that tux!" she thinks, smiling at him.

Jessica Adjusts Ann's Train so She's Picture Perfect

It's a glorious day for a garden wedding! The flowers make the air smell so sweet.

Exchanging Vows

Ben and Ann take turns saying the vows they wrote themselves.

The Kiss

"We're really married!" Ann exclaims after a sweet kiss from her new husband.

The Recessional

The happy couple smiles at their guests as they walk back down the aisle hand in hand.

Posing for Pictures

The photographer takes some formal shots while the caterers set up and the guests mingle, sipping cool drinks.

Ann Makes a Toast

"To my darling sweetie-pie!" toasts Ann. Ben looks a little stricken. "I'd toast you too, Ann, if it wasn't for these darn non-articulated arms."

Cutting the Cake

Ben and Ann try to cut the cake. "Is it just me or is this frosting hard as a rock?" she whispers to Ben.

The Cake's Not Cutting

"We'd need a chainsaw to really cut this," Ben whispers back. "Just keep smiling."

"Darn," Ben thinks, "I was really looking forward to smooshing it in her face."

Something Blue

Ann's cameo is "something old". It was a gift from her maternal grandmother. The gown and veil are "something new". The trellis is "something borrowed" from their friend Laurel the Woodfairy. The garter supplies "something blue".

First Dance

The happy couple dance to "their song". It's "Muskrat Love", by Captain & Tennille .

Muskrat Love

And they whirled and they twirled and they tangoed

Singin' and jingin' the jango

Floatin' like the heavens above

It looks like muskrat love

Nibbling on bacon, chewin' on cheese

Sammy says to Susie "Honey, would you please be my missus?"

And she say yes

With her kisses

Sweet Serenade

The lovely flute and harp music is provided by Emma and Nancy. "Quit stepping on my toes", Ann says in the background. "Well, quit trying to lead," responds Ben.

Time to Relax

Jessica kicks back with a nice glass of bubbly (sparkling grape juice, their mothers won't let the kids drink since they're all underage). What a fabulous June wedding! Thanks for coming. (You can leave your presents in the house.)



Copyright 2002 Maria Greene All Rights Reserved

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