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Tracy, a member of the MagicAtticDolls list on YahooGroups, had a wonderful idea:

"I came up with the perfect theme! "Indoor Pastimes!" ... These are some possible photo ideas I came up with: (dolls) reading books, playing with mini-dolls, taking care of pets, cooking , sewing, painting, doing crafts, doing puzzles or playing games, taking photos of friends, having a slumber party, giving each other "beauty" treatments, studying or playing "school"...the possibilities are endless!  (Okay, forgive my sales job-I tend to get enthusiastic when I get great ideas!)"

It is a great idea, Tracy! And many friends of Just Magic thought so too:

Here is a picture story that Derek from South Africa did call The Sew and Sew.
And another cute story by Derek called Alison Loses Her Key in which two helpful my Twinn dolls help Alison find her missing key to the magic attic.

Click on a thumbnail for a larger picture.

Sushi, anyone?

Jade (Heidi Ott), Mei-Ling (AGT) and Mikayla (Gotz) are making sushi.

Barbara's Julia enjoys tea with her friends

Yummy! notice the hersheys kisses on top of tortilla chips!

LorraineM ~ Kit (a.k.a. Kat) Takes Tea

Kat poses at the mother/daughter tea.

LindaA ~ Rose and her siblings

LindaA's Native American family

KaylaR's Battats ~ Jumprope

Dakota turns the rope while Michelle jumps high!

KaylaR's Battats: Nurse Dorothy

Girlfriends Bailey and Savannah have brought nurse Dorothy Brooke to visit Dakota.

KaylaR's Battats ~ Horseback Riding

Dakota, Dorothy Brooke, Savannah and Bailey going for a ride.

KaylaR's Battats ~ Tea Party

Dakota welcomes her friend Dorothy Brooke with a beautiful tea party! Bring your best manners, Dorothy!

LynnC ~ Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Fayelyn, Hadassah, Samantha, and little Preston! No pinching here!

Trudy ~ Samantha and Felicity

Samantha and Felicity discussing their latest issue of their American Girl magazine.

Trudy ~ Hopscotch Hill Hallie

Hallie enjoying a cup of tea.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Samantha and Marin (a Gotz Stolle doll) are enjoying their Valentine's Day party.

"Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?"

Happy Chinese New Year!

From Mei Lin and her monkey friend.

Lauren and Emily ~ Hanging Out

"So, Alissa, what do you want to do?"

"I don't know, what do you want to do, Samantha?"

"Felicity and I are playing with our puppies. What do you want to do, Laurel?"

"I dunno..."

Tracy ~ Heather Elizabeth Playing Dress-up

"The first few photos I'm sending are of Heather Elizabeth playing dress-up."

Tracy ~ Heather Elizabeth All Dressed Up

"Another one of Heather Elizabeth playing dress-up."

Tracy ~ Heather Elizabeth Ready for Slumber Party

"Is anyone looking for a slumber party?"

Tracy ~ Heather Elizabeth Playing Paper Dolls

"Heather Elizabeth is playing with her MAC 'Heather' magnetic paper dolls. 'Hey, this outfit looks familiar!'"

LindaK ~ Slumber Party

"Slumber parties are always fun."

LindaK ~ Reading Together

"Covering up with a quilt and reading a story is a good thing on a cold evening too."

Barbara ~ Lottchen I

Lottchen is playing with her dollshouse.

Barbara ~ Lottchen and Laurel

Himstedt's Lottchen and Stardust Classics Laurel have tea.

Copyright 2005 Maria Greene All Rights Reserved

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