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This gallery contains pictures of fashions made by talented readers of Just Magic or pictures taken just to show off the lovely outfits available from the different doll manufacturers.

Our American Girl dolls model the lovely Carpatina Medieval and Renaissance Princess outfits.

Click on a thumbnail for a larger picture.

DianeF's Forest Flowers Gown

Diane's Penney doll models a gorgeous fairy gown she made herself (with Stardust Classics Laurel in mind).

American Girl Today Meet Outfits Through the Years

2004 Ready for Fun, shown on AGT18

2002 Go Anywhere, shown on AGT21

2000 Urban, shown on AGT7

1998 Red Vinyl Jumper, Shown on Lindsey

1996 First Day, shown on AGT4

1995 Mix and Match, shown on Felicity


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