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Mary Virginia

Click for a close-up

Doll Line

Liberty Landing Collection




The Brass Key International, distributed by Target stores


Not acknowledged

Production Years

1996 - ? 



Body Type

Soft body, not articulated 


Sleep eyes 


Wigged synthetic 

Identifying Markings

"T.B.K.I. © 1996, Made in China" on back of neck.

"Liberty Landing™, The Brass Key Inc.,..." on body tag.

Clothing is not tagged.

Retail Price



None additional 

Clothing Fit

Similar to American Girl. Shorter arms. Slightly slimmer, slightly smaller feet.

Dolls in Series

Eliza, Lydia, Mary Virginia, Natalie 


Each girl has a hardcover journal titled, for instance, "Eliza's Journal". There is a short (8 or so page) set of entries in the character's voice telling of her life in the 1890's, followed by blank pages for the girl who owns the doll to add to the story.


These dolls are no longer in production. The secondary market is the only source.

For More Information

None known.


The Liberty Landing dolls are not very notable. They were sold at Target just before they started carrying the much better quality Heidi Ott Faithful Friends dolls. The Brass Key International is known for porcelain dolls. These dolls are vinyl and have totally non-posable, white cloth bodies. The vinyl quality is poor and mine has changed color over the years to an odd purplish tone. The hair is OK. The clothing is well made but the style leaves something to be desired.

The Liberty Landing dolls are roughly the same size as American Girl, as you can see in these pictures.

Here is Mary Virginia in an American Girl Today outfit. Her arms are a little shorter than AG but just about everything else fits fine on her, including the shoes.

At least the company made an effort to give the dolls a story, even if the historical fiction part of the hardcover journals that come with the dolls are only about eight pages long.

So, they're nothing special, but they're basically cute. You can get one for practically nothing, and if she's in good shape, she'll be a decent play doll.

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