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My Way Kids Catalog Picture

Doll Line

My Way Kids




Part of Axis Corporation


Not acknowledged 

Production Years




Body Type

Earlier dolls are all vinyl with jointed elbows and knees. Later dolls have cloth torsos with internal armature. 


Inset acrylic. Fixed. Applied lashes.


Wigged synthetic.

Identifying Markings

Tag on clothing listing eye color, wig style and color, face mold, etc. 

Retail Price



Outfits available separately.

Clothing Fit

Between Magic Attic and American Girl in size.

Dolls in Series

Various. Not named by the manufacturer.




Sold in mall kiosks around the holidays.

For More Information

None known.


Geppeddo dolls were sold during the holiday season from kiosks in shopping malls. Here is some company information taken from their literature:

"What is Geppeddo?

Geppeddo® is a holiday business which operates primarily in shopping malls from approximately November 1st through the middle of January each year. Geppeddo offers an exclusive line of collectable porcelain dolls, accessories, and related products. The Axis Corporation, a Salt Lake City, UT based company, owns and operates Geppeddo.

How and when did Geppeddo begin?

The Axis Corporation founded Geppeddo in 1990 largely to take advantage of specialty retailing, an exciting new appendage to traditional mall retail which involves the use of hallways for small retail operations. These "stores" usually involve carts or kiosks that allow businesses to get their products displayed in the hottest spot in the mall— right where the customers walk! Although specialty retailing takes place year-round in malls, The Axis Corporation decided to focus Geppeddo stores only on the holiday season, the busiest shopping period of the year, and then offer Geppeddo products year round through mail order."

Along with the My Way Babies, the vinyl My Way Kids were considered "Geppeddo Playables", as opposed to the "Geppeddo Collectibles" porcelain dolls. They could be assembled with the customer's choice of face mold, wig, eye color and clothing in about an hour while the customer browsed the mall. When they were first introduced, the My Way Kids were all-vinyl and had jointed elbows and knees. The later (much more common) dolls have a cloth body with internal armature, like most porcelain dolls have.

In the picture below, you can see American Girl Samantha, a later My Way Kid, an earlier My Way Kid and Magic Attic Heather. As you can see from the pictures, My Way Kids are much closer to Magic Attic size than American Girl.

On the left you can see a My Way Kid wearing Magic Attic Club Chloe's starter outfit. It fits her extremely well. These shoes fit because they are sandals but some closed-toe shoes are too snug because My Way Kids have slightly larger feet. The cloth-bodied My Way Kids also fit Magic Attic Club outfits very well.

The quality of the all-vinyl dolls is very nice. They have jointed elbows and knees which is unusual for a vinyl play doll. It makes them slightly easier to dress but the stringing on our all-vinyl My Way Kid is way too tight for her to sit with ease or hold her arm in a bent position.

The cloth-torso dolls have a weird-shaped body but the cloth is sturdy enough and the internal armature means they are poseable and can stand on their own. I do not like the exposed and prominent plastic ties at the neck of our cloth-body My Way Kids. Both the cloth and the all-vinyl My way Kids are difficult to balance standing upright, which explains their odd posture in the pictures above.

Some of the face molds are cuter than others but at least there is a variety. The inset, fixed eyes are very nice quality and quite natural looking. The face painting is subtle and minimal as you'd expect for a child doll.

The clothing quality is medium. Better than a Battat or Meritus doll but not anything near American Girl standards.

All in all, I'd say these are medium quality play dolls. It would have been fun to have one custom-made and I like the jointed one because she is unusual, but nothing else about them really stands out.

Copyright © 2006 Maria Greene All Rights Reserved

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