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What to use

bulletAcrylic craft paint, stencil cream or glass paint
bulletPeople make-up (but may bleed over time, not as permanent)
bulletTiny brush
bulletToothpick for freckles

Painting tips

bulletDelta Ceramcoat Coral
bulletAmericana Gooseberry Pink
bulletElaineD :  The key to nice lips is to make one clean stroke, then let the paint dry.  For gloss I use a gloss acrylic sealer (same type of paint).
bulletElaineD: "For blush, I use people blush I keep especially for the dolls and blend it very gradually."
bulletFreckles ~ A Little Dab'll Do Ya
bulletAsian eyes
bulletThey're hard, I'd only do them if absolutely necessary

You can take paint off first with non-acetone nail polish remover.

To Seal or Not to Seal?

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