Halloween Hijinks!

It's Halloween!

"Are we ready to go trick or treating?", asks Tess. "Almost," Sam replies. "Here's your hat, Martha!"

Let's Go!

Tess decided to be a Gypsy this year, while Martha's a witch and Sam is Dorothy. "I'll get you, my pretty!", cackles Martha to Sam, "And your little dog, too!", they all finish, laughing.

Let's try this house...

"I know the lady who lives here", Sam tells them. "I'm tired, how about if this is our last house?"

Trick or Treat!

The girls ring the doorbell and shout "trick or treat!" when the door is opened. But wait, who is that hiding behind the pumpkin?

One for you, one for you...

"Here are your treats, girls", says the nice lady. "But who is your ghost friend? Does he want any candy?"

The girls turn around to look but when they do there's no one there.


As they start to walk down the path, someone jumps out and shouts "Boo!!!". Tess is so startled she falls down and drops her treat bag. The ghost swoops in and snatches it!

He's getting away!

"Hey, come back here with my candy!", Tess yells after him. The ghost just laughs and runs away with her bag. "Well, how rude!", Martha exclaims.

There he is!

"Shhh", says Sam, "there he is behind that bush!"

"And he's eating my candy!!", Tess complains.

"That's Megan's twin brother Mike. Let's jump him!", Martha suggests. "One, two, three!"

All tied up

"Hey, you don't have to tie me up!"

"Well, you shouldn't have stolen Tess' candy", Sam reminds him.

"Say you're sorry or I'll put a spell on you", Martha commands.

Mike replies meekly, "I'm sorry, Tess. Now, will you please untie me?"

Tess relents

"OK, you're free, but no funny business!"

"I promise", Mike replies. "Here's your candy back."

Sam reminds him, "Except what you ate already!"

"Here, we can use my costume like a blanket", Mike suggests.

Sharing the loot

"Wow, quite a haul!", Mike says approvingly.

"Yes, enough to share", says Martha, handing him a lollipop.


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