Kitti and Willi Visit Honey Pot Hill Orchard

Willi Pays for the Apples

"Buy a big bag, Willi", says Kitti, "I want to make an apple pie."

"I will, but we'd better hurry. It looks like it might rain", Willi replies.

Mums the Word

"Hey, let's buy Mum one of these. She'll love it!"

Willi Checks Out theTractor

"Darn, can't reach the steering wheel. Hey, Kitti, let's go check out the animals before we pick the apples."

"First I want a pumpkin!" Kitti insists.

Looking for the Great Pumpkin

"This one's nice", says Kitti.

"I like it but it's too heavy to carry back home. Let's come back for it."

Three Little Pigs

"Look," says Willi ,"two of the little pigs are smart and they're in the house made of bricks."

"But where's the third little pig?" worries Kitti. "I hope the big bad wolf didn't get him!"

Goat Pen

"Don't get too close, Willi", Kitti warns. "Mum says goats will eat anything."

Picking Apples

"Here's a nice one!" says Willi.

"Let's go find the Macintosh", Kitti suggests. "They're the best for pies."

Kitti Climbing the Tree

"Ah, now I can reach better!"

Willi in the Tree

"Great idea, Kitti! Hey, is that a snake?! Sorry, just kidding!!"

In the Tree

"All we need is a few more and the bag will be full."

Looks Like Rain

"Hurry up, Kitti, I think I felt a raindrop!" says Willi.

"I'm coming, just a sec", Kitti replies.

Kitti Climbing

"Hey, is this poison ivy?!"

Almost There

"Here, take my hand", Willi offers.


"Mmmm, these apples are great!" Willi says with his mouth full.

"I like picking, but I like eating best", Kitti adds.

A Full Bag

"That was fun, Willi! We'd better get started walking home", Kitti suggests.

"Last one there's a rotten apple -- you carry the bag!" Willi laughs, running off.

An Able Assistant

SusanLK poses with the kids. They convinced her to carry the bag back to the house. Thanks for your help, Susan! It's always more fun to do silly things in public with a buddy to help. -- Maria


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