The American Girls Collection Outfits Quick Reference last updated 11/20/07
  Kaya (6 total/1 retired) Felicity (14/3) Elizabeth (7) Josefina (12/3) Kirsten (17/6)
Meet Deerskin Dress Rose Garden Gown Coral Pink Gown Camisa & Skirt Blue Calico
Bedtime   Night Shift, Cap & Mules Night Shift Night Shift Nightgown
Bedtime II         Housecoat & Sockor
School   Laced Jacket, Skirt & Mob Cap   Indigo Skirt & Camisa School Dress w/ Shawl
Christmas   Christmas Gown & Stomacher Holiday Gown Christmas Dress & Mantilla St. Lucia gown
Birthday   Spring Gown & Pinner Apron   Feast Day Finery Apron Dress & Daisy Wreath
Summer Adorned Deerskin Dress Summer Outfit Summer Outfit Summer Riding Dress & Hat Summer Dress & Straw Hat
Winter Winter Cape & Hood Cardinal Cloak Quilted Cloak Winter Wear ( Winter Access.) Winter Skirt & Blouse
  Jingle Dress of Today Work Gown   Sarape & Hat (Winter Access.) Hand Knit Woolens
  Fancy Shawl Outfit of Today Riding Habit & Hat Riding Habit & Hat Harvest Outfit Swedish Dirndl & Kerchief
  Pow Wow Outfit of Today Town Fair Outfit   Party Dress & Spencer Jacket Skating Outfit
  Riding Breeches & Hat   Weaving Outfit Work Dress
    Traveling Gown (new Meet outfit)   Herb-Gathering Outfit Checked Dress & Apron
    Colonial Undergarments     Plaid Dress & Shawl
    Tea Lesson Gown Tea Lesson Gown   Midsummer Outfit
          Flannel Underwear
          Recess Set
  Addy (18/6) Samantha (22/6) Nellie (6) Kit (12/2) Molly (21/6)
Meet Cinnamon Pink Checked Taffeta White Dotted Swiss Lilac Sweater Navy Wool Skirt
Bedtime Nightgown Nightgown Pajamas & Slippers Beach PJs & Slippers Striped PJs
Bedtime II Heartwarmer & Slippers Kimono & Slippers     Robe & Fuzzy-Wuzzies
School School Suit & Blouse Buster Brown Dress   School Outfit & Shoes Plaid Jumper & Blouse
Christmas Tartan Plaid Dress Cranberry Party Dress Holiday Outfit Christmas Outfit Evergreen Velvet Dress
Birthday Birthday Pinafore & Snood Lacy Pinafore & Rosebud Circlet   Birthday Dress & Headband Party Pinafore & Birthday Crown
Summer Summer Dress & Straw Hat Middy Dress w/ Tam   Overalls Outfit Camp Gowonagain Uniform
Winter Winter Coat Plaid Cape & Gaiters Holiday Coat Winter Coat Slicker & Rain Hat (Winter Outfit)
  Work Dress & Apron Play Dress Spring Party Dress Tree House Outfit Halloween Hula (2 versions)
  Patriotic Party Dress Tea Dress Irish Dance Outfit of Today Red's Fan Outfit After School Outfit
  Stilting Outfit Bathing Costume (I & II)   Beret & Mittens Tennis Outfit
  Striped Dress Skating Party Dress   Scooter Outfit Miss Victory Costume
  Cape Island Dress Travel Duster & Hat     Aviator Outfit
  Kite Flying Outfit Talent Show Dress     Route 66 Outfit
  Flower Picking Outfit Lawn Party Outfit   1934 Swimsuit Victory Garden Dress
  African Dance Outfit of Today Bridesmaid Outfit     Dude Ranch Outfit
  Derby, Mittens & Knee Warmers Elegant Hat & Muff     Roller-Skating Outfit
  Undies Holiday Coat     1944 Swimsuit
    Spring Party Dress     Skating Outfit
    Lacy Whites     Recital Outfit
    Bicycling Outfit     Molly's Undies
    Bird-Watching Outfit      
  Emily (8) Julie (6) Ivy (2)
Meet Cherry Blossom Dress Peasant Blouse & Bell Bottom Jeans Knit Top, Twill Pants
Bedtime Pajamas Pajamas  
Bedtime II Robe & Slippers    
School Tap Costume Hoops Outfit  
Christmas Holiday Outfit Christmas Outfit  
Summer 2-Piece Swimsuit    
Winter Snowsuit    
  Recital Outfit Casual Outfit New Year Outfit
    Cap & Scarf